PURE Lighting Company

Science-Backed Lighting Design-Dealer

who are we?

Pure Lighting Company is an engineered design-dealer whose mission is to bring science-supported lighting solutions to fill our client’s most pressing needs.

Our core leadership team is composed of engineers with 30+ years of experience in the lighting industry who are committed to exceeding expectations with innovative high-quality solutions.


The pure Experience

“The entire [Pure Lighting] team has been very good to work with. The lights went in exactly when they said they were going to go in.  The support that we’ve received so far has been perfect for us.  We’d be more than happy to have anyone come in to look at them and hopefully our success rate throughout the year is what ultimately helps other people move in this direction.”


Dr. Steven E. McHugh Sr.

Business Administrator, Stanhope School District

“It’s been tremendous [working with Pure Lighting].  We are a small district.  We don’t have a lot of staff…[Pure Lighting Company has] been more than supportive; they’ve been available whenever we’ve needed them and it’s been a great experience.”


Ms. Maria Engeleit

Business Administrator, Allendale School District

“I like that we don’t really have to think about [operating the Pure UVC system].  I think that’s one of the key factors because there’s a lot that we need to worry about right now.  Knowing that it’s going to run automatically on a daily basis, I think that’s one of the big selling points.”


Mrs. Kerry Burneyko

School Nurse, Green Hills School

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